Installation and usage

You can configure Japa within an existing Node.js project by running the following command.

Japa will use the process.cwd() (current working directory) path to create the configuration files and a sample test file.

npm init japa@1.2.2
# CREATE: bin/test.js
# CREATE: tests/maths.spec.js (Optional)

The installation process prompts you to configure the test runner with the following options.

  • Tests reporter - Select the reporter to display/store the tests progress.
  • Assertion library - Select between @japa/assert or @japa/expect.
  • Additional plugins - Select additional plugins you want to configure. You can learn about them in the plugins section of the docs.
  • Project type - Select the project type for which you want to generate the configuration files.

Writing tests

By default, the test files are stored inside the tests directory and must end with .spec.(js|ts).

There should be a sample test file inside this directory. If not, run the following commands to create one.

mkdir tests
touch tests/maths.spec.js

Open the newly created file and paste the following code inside it.

import { test } from '@japa/runner'
function sum(a, b) {
return a + b
test('add two numbers', ({ assert }) => {
assert.equal(sum(2, 2), 4)
const { test } = require('@japa/runner')
function sum(a, b) {
return a + b
test('add two numbers', ({ assert }) => {
assert.equal(sum(2, 2), 4)
  • A test is created using the test function imported from the @japa/runner module.
  • The function accepts the test title as the first argument and its implementation as the second argument.
  • The implementation function can be async or return a promise. Learn more about testing asynchronous code.

Running tests

You can execute tests by running the following command.

node bin/test.js

Japa does not have any CLI to run tests. Instead, you use the node command to load the bin/test.js file and execute tests.

Following is the breakdown of how Japa runs tests.

  1. The configure method inside the bin/test.js file configures the test runner with your configuration. Config reference.
  2. The run method executes tests based on the configuration.

Since the execution of tests is not abstracted behind a CLI. You can open the bin/test.js file and make any customizations you want before calling the run method.